NH Rub Mentholated – Orange



Product Description

NH RUB – SUPER Mentholated than Other Rub NO CHEMICAL CONTENT LIKE CAMPHOR and METHYL (Herbal Ointment – “Sobrang bango, Ginhawa sa katawan”)

NH-Rub is one of the best selling cold remedies on the market.

COLD RELIEF: NH-RUB intended use is as a cold medicine. The directions for people are to apply a thick layer on the chest and throat. Under loose clothes or a dry towel, the menthol-eucalyptus-peppermint acts as aromatherapeutically. Inhaled fumes loosen mucus and phlegm and soothe the urge to cough. Peppermint and Methol are also topical analgesics, offering pain relief. NH-RUB is not marketed as a nasal decongestant; the powerful fumes may also unclog sinuses. NH-RUB also suggests adding a teaspoon of the rub to hot steam vaporizers. The medicated steam acts as an alternative or supplement to VapoRUB placed on the body. Additionally, NH-RUB contains no sugar and is not ingested, making it a safe cough and cold treatment for diabetics.

Virgin Coconut Oil, Menthol, Mayana Leaves, Olive Oil, Citronella, Vegetable Oil, Lagundi, Peppermint, Ginseng Oil, Guava Leaves, Vitamin E & Aloe Vera Extract.

Effective relief for
headache, stiff neck, rheumatism, backache,
painful muscles and muscular disorder of common colds,
itchiness and insect bites

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